Who am I?

Hello to my future audience! I can’t wait for you to exist.

So, I’m finally a blogger. It took me far longer to get to this than I should have, but after months of telling people I’m starting a writing career and hearing that I need to have a blog yesterday, I decided to make the jump. Graduating from Whitman College last month was a great catalyst as well. This is going to chronicle several things: primarily my journey of trying to get published, but also my job taking care of coastal properties for the North Coast Land Conservancy in Seaside, Oregon, things I read, watch, or enjoy, or basically anything else I want to discuss that seems slightly relevant to the writing thing.

Currently, I am the author of a fantasy novel called The Glass Thief, which I am querying to agents right now. It chronicles the deeds of Staever, a lobster living in a city made of sand, and the gang of thieves he runs, as they embark on a quest to save everyone they love from dying of dehydration. There are battles and derring-do, crab races and sword fights, giant birds, the odd manatee assault hovercraft, songs and tales, a gleefully drunken bomb expert and the severe, disfigured martial artist he loves, and perhaps a menace from the dawn of time.

My other work includes short stories–of which the best are “The Foaling Season,” “The Catiline Plague,” “A Tale of Rust Town,” and “Creacean”–in varying states of completion. Also in progress is The Valley of Steel, hopefully the first in a series, which takes the landscape of the United States, warps it with myth and magic, and sends a group of unprepared teenagers through it on what is essentially a Volkswagen with sails. If you’re interested in samples of any of these, let me know, and we’ll talk: I’m always on the lookout for good beta readers.

Oh, and there’s Cold Snow, which is basically me defeating the Mafia. In Canada. I finished that book when I was fifteen, which explains a lot about it.

Some other important things about me: I believe in finishing the things I start, that the middle path is always superior, and that the worst thing you can do to someone is take control of their destiny from them. I love green tea, rain (whether or not I’m out in it), Shakespeare, Final Fantasy, and Greek pastoral poetry. I can fence with a foil, epee, or sabre, and a bit of longsword, plus I have strong opinions on the difference between classical and sport fencing. I have sailing experience, and can use a sextant, or fix my latitude with my fingers if the stars are out. Certain things I hate include whistling (it’s not you, it’s me, I really can’t explain why it sets me on edge so much) and when people shout at strangers (let’s face it, if they’re not in immediate physical danger, you’re either catcalling or getting unreasonably angry about something minor, and in either case I dislike you).

That, in brief, is me. More stuff will likely come up later. If you’re reading this, I want to get to know you, too, so don’t hesitate to start a conversation (because I might). Hoping to have good news soon, but I’m signing off for now.

–Sam Chapman


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